Here, I’ll be writing about how we can squeeze out the performance & at the same time can be spared from doing refactor when you are facing a performance bottleneck.

Water leaking image, from DNA-India

Golang is a wonderful language. When it comes to developing System apps and Web apps, I would suggest considering Golang. The constant rising of demand for Golang developers is proof of its popularity.

After analyzing the pros and cons, we gave it a try. We had a specific use case where our service’s build time to be super low and at the same time, it should use the minimum resources…

Shanghai port
Sanghai Port

When I started working with Golang, I searched about how to create docker images for my apps and how to run them. Creating Go Web application and deploying them with docker is as easy as it gets. You need just two things.

  1. Go App
  2. Dockerfile

1. Create a Go web Server:

Go web server code:


2. Docker file:

Dockerfile is the blueprint of docker image. It tells which type of application we are building and what are its necessory components.


3. Build docker image

docker build -t myapp .

This command creates a docker image named myapp. We can check generated image with command docker images. …

Note: Initially I started to write this post as dairy of experiments, of and as how we can implement search system. Later on I published it to use for others. So there might be some Slang words. I will update them once I can. Till then, Thanks for reading.

I wanted to explore how I can implement full fledged search system with Micro-service architecture. This intriguing system led me to go through various links and Search Engine Software documentations. Peeking into the tech stack behind search system lead to a confusion to me when combined my Micro-service architecture. …

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